ALD-R Series

Redefining Retrofit

We came, we saw, we retrofit. ALD-R has been the backbone of SimplyLEDs for well over a decade, and it just keeps getting stronger!

Whether you choose Custom kits built specifically for you, or the highly versatile Universal SAM Kit, installing our ALD-R series allows you to keep the fixture, and ensures spec grade performance in a retrofit lighting kit—you won't find that anywhere else.

We built our reputation on retrofit, so you can build yours. 10YR Warranty (SAM Kit - 5YR Warranty), 40kV surge protection, and DLC Premium Listed, from 30W to 300W in 3000, 4000, & 5000K.

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80W ALD-R LED custom cut retrofit plate

40kV driver-attuned surge protection, standard on every unit

Highest performing retrofit kits available on the market

10 Year Warranty (custom), 5 Year Warranty (universal)

Available in nine wattages from 30W - 300W

Available in any color temperature

Available with T3, T4, T5, and Flood dispersion

DLC Premium Listed in all available wattages and dispersion, in 3000K. 4000K, and 5000K

80W ALD-R LED custom cut retrofit plate


We’ve kept it simple from the start. SimplyLEDs has focused on smart, sustainable growth that keeps the focus on product quality and longevity.

Our clients say working with SimplyLEDs is a gamechanger.

When orchestrating pace (property assessed clean energy) programs across the country, I don't have time to gamble, I need to close projects with confidence and move on. SimplyLEDs exemplifies high quality engineering, specifying their products ensures I'll exceed expectations in performance and customer service every time.

Kristene C.


For years we have been installing thousands of SimplyLEDs fixtures across the country with near zero failure. We’re amazed at the consistency of manufacture and the durability of the design, which is why we led with SimplyLEDs on a four-year national contract with a premiere healthcare services company.

Robert C.

Vice President

These dudes seriously rock! When others say, “We’ll try.” Simply says, “We’ll do.” And then they do!

Jerry K.


We’ve installed over 15,000 SimplyLEDs area fixtures in 64 properties across the U.S. and their performance and customer service is second to none.

Joshua B.

SVP Energy

They’re wicked awesome, smart as hell, and just fun to work with!

Steven Z.


It has been a refreshing experience working with the team at SimplyLEDs, they’re agile, quick, and responsive. Supplying us with over 16,000 area fixtures a year, we have learned one thing: they “simply” do what they commit to do. Period. It’s not often we find manufacturers who offer the type of personal service that makes us feel like we’re their only customer.

Paul M.

VP of Sales

Over the years we have installed tens of thousands of SimplyLEDs luminaires. I have found their products to be "best in class" among premiere brands.

Edward S.

VP of Energy

Available in 30W thru 300W*

Color Temps (K): 3000, 4000, 5000 CRI: 72+

Lifetime (L70): >150,000

LED Source: Osram 5050

Power Supply: Inventronics 0-10V, 120-277, 277-480VAC, 50/60Hz, dimming driver

Compliance: ETL, UL 1598, 1598B, 1598C, 8750. Suitable for wet locations.

*Custom kits only


No-measure universal SAM kit makes retrofit simple

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