Frequently asked questions


Pole height and location play the biggest role in optimal light dispersion. Contrary to popular belief, height is actually preferred when lighting a large space well. We always recommend a photometric layout to ensure the best results. 

Our photometric layouts are a free service we extend to all customers. Contact us to get started. 

Warranty and Returns

Unless otherwise stated, all luminaires manufactured after Jan. 1, 2016, carry our limited 10-year warranty. 

Simply fill out the form below, or email us at [email protected].

Returns are processed through our warranty department. You can find a full copy of our return policy here. 

We include a full copy on our warranty page. 


Our standard payment terms are Net 30. If you're interested in not-so-standard payment terms, please contact us.

We accept credit card payments! Please note a 4% processing fee will be applied to the total purchase plus freight, if applicable.

Yes! We offer discounts for prepayment; contact us to see if your order qualifies for a discount.

Sorry but no. We manufacture high-output luminaires for commercial and industrial applications.