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Keeping It Simple From the Start

Back in 2005, a small group of electrical engineers set out to do something revolutionary.

They would simplify LED lighting. And they’d do it right here in the United States.

From the very start, we’ve prized collaboration with our customers and backed each project with top-notch engineering and service. As we’ve said from the beginning, we don’t just understand lighting. We engineer it. Our mastery of the process from start to finish, plus our hands-on sales and customer service, has made choosing environmentally friendly, sustainable lighting simple for our customers.

We moved to our current space in Boise, Idaho, after outgrowing the tiny garage space we started in. We’re continuing to grow into this sprawling factory that serves as the heart of our operations. With our commitment to community, our customers, and the environment itself, we’re proud to continue to make our own unique way forward in this industry.

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