Returns, Replacements & Order Cancellations

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

  1. RMAs will only be honored for materials manufactured by SimplyLEDs located at 111 W. 34th Street, Garden City, ID 83714; (208) 344.7533
  2. Complete and accurate information about the nature of the material to be returned is required.
  3. Return Material Requests are processed within two (2) business days of receipt.
  4. ONLY defective materials within the warranty period or unused purchases within the past 90 days will be considered.


  1. When replacements are required, or assumed necessary, a new purchase order must be submitted prior to the return of suspect material.
  2. The purchase order shall be processed as a new order and shall be invoiced by SimplyLEDs.
  3. For returned material found to be defective, credit will be issued depending on the results of the evaluation.

Returning Material to the Factory

  1. Shipping forms and instructions shall be provided with the Return Material Authorization.
  2. The shipping form must be applied to all packaging as instructed with an authorized RMA number visible, or shipment will be refused and returned at the expense of the shipper.


  1. SimplyLEDs may issue Credit for returned material that was not needed onsite due to a miscount or over-order, less the standard restocking fee (below). Material must be unopened and unused, in original packaging.
  2. SimplyLEDs will issue Credit for returned material as a result of a SimplyLEDs error. Material must be unused and in original packaging.
  3. SimplyLEDs may issue Credit for material returned under warranty, depending on the results of our inspection and testing.
  4. Credit WILL NOT be issued if returned material is found to be functional.
  5. SimplyLEDs is not responsible for associated costs such as transportation, installation, or other charges deemed assignable by Customer.
  6. Customers will be notified of Credit due, or of denial of Credit, within 20 business days from receipt of material.
  7. Credit for large quantities of returned material relating to project site issues will take longer to process; this timeline will be communicated by SimplyLEDs to the Customer.

Restocking Fees

  1. Unneeded material: Unopened, unused products, in original packaging will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 30%.
  2. Material covered by Warranty: will not be subject to a restocking fee.
  3. Custom products returned, as a result of miscount or intentional over-order, will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 35%. These products include, but are not limited to, the following product lines: ALD, CSP, CLG and RDW in custom colors or configurations.
  4. Purchase Orders canceled 24 hours or more after receiving acknowledgment of receipt from SimplyLEDs, will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 35%.