Round Rock Premium Outlets

Round Rock, TX


The Full Outdoor Experience

The Project: Round Rock Premium Outlets Parking Lot

The Place: Round Rock, Texas

The People: Simon Property Group

The Products: 

  • 250 FLD-RS 250W Area Lights cover the parking lot 
  • 135 ALD-R 40W Retrofit Kits are installed in all decorative architectural lighting in pedestrian walkways 
  • 153 AWP 40W Wallpacks provide perimeter lighting 

The Payoff: 82 percent reduction in overall wattage consumption

Why it works: The Red Rock Premium Outlets project is just one of over one hundred we’ve completed for Simon Property Group over the past several years. We connected with Simon based on referrals, brought them to our factory in Idaho, and have built our relationship on open and easy access — they know they can call us directly and speak with the people who are creating solutions for them, whether that’s a sales rep or an engineer or the company president. 

Many large properties involve a one-for-one replacement: Take out the old 1,000W, swap it for a 250W. But we were able to also reduce the number of total heads and wattage on this project while providing increased safety and ample, beautiful light to create a full outdoor experience. 

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