Mariner’s Point Golf Center

Foster City, CA


Picture-Perfect Lighting

The Project: Mariner’s Point Golf Center Driving Range and Course Lighting

The Place: Foster City, California

The People: Mariner’s Point Golf Center with Toptracer Range by Topgolf 

The Products: 

  • 170 RDW-240 Area Lights cover the entire course 
  • 28 FLD-RS Area Lights cover the Toptracer driving range 

The Payoff: 79% reduction in overall wattage consumption — even with the addition of the Toptracer range. 

Why it works: We competed for this project against huge brands that have contracts with baseball and football stadiums … and still rose to the top during a light-by-light comparison. Lighting was especially important to this client because they film practice sessions and needed to be able to digitally trace them. Our RDW-240 and FLD-RS area lights stood up against specialty sports lighting, and won, while meeting the Bay Area’s stringent dark-sky requirements on the course and standing up to the harsh, salty air of the bayfront facility. 

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