SimplyLEDs Strengthens Brand Portfolio and Introduces New Spec Grade Performance Architectural Wall Pack

By: Todd Hubbard

Focus on customer driven product development provides U.S. manufacturer opportunity to release fundamental luminaires with architectural appealBOISE, ID, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — SimplyLEDs (, a U.S. manufacturer of premier LED luminaires in Boise, ID, since 2005, has released their new AWP architectural wall pack. The AWP is the first of two wall packs SimplyLEDs is introducing this spring.

“We’ve been focused on high-performance engineering since our inception,” said Bob Deely, President and Co-founder of SimplyLEDs. “Purposefully narrowing that focus to a handful of selected luminaires to ensure that high-performance engineering and market-leading quality is synonymous with the SimplyLEDs brand. For this reason, we don’t release multiple products every year, we release customer driven products with features that meet a need and then expand those features—so a need met becomes a WOW delivered. The AWP does just that.”

“Wall packs are fundamentals, legacy lighting products in and of themselves,” said Todd Hubbard, Vice President of Business Development at SimplyLEDs. “You look at many of them and think they must be older than the light bulb itself, but that’s part of their strange iconic status. We wanted to throw a nod back to that legacy, but jump forward with a smaller footprint, clean lines, and modern architectural styling that discreetly provides the space to add controls; of course it also had to support the rest of the SimplyLEDs product line. The AWP brings all that together.

“Our FLD-RS area light is a market leader and has really become the SimplyLEDs flagship product—we’re shipping tens of thousands coast-to-coast year after year. The AWP wall pack will complement those same FLD-RS performance and design features and provide striking architectural continuity when installed together on the same property.”

“Let’s face it, commercial wall packs have always been ugly,” said Cassie Gorrell, SimplyLEDs National Director of Sales. “They’re relegated to security and building lighting where status quo reigns supreme, but not anymore! I’m excited to see the AWP come to market and bring with it a fresh perspective on fundamental lighting. Next month our economical wall pack release will really round out the offering and bring more beauty to the basics. Can I say that?”

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