SimplyLEDs’ High-Efficiency Retrofit Kit Brings True Spec Grade Performance to Custom and Universal Retrofit Options

By: Todd Hubbard

Continued research and development efforts applied to core flagship product line provides U.S. manufacturer unique advantage in the LED retrofit kit marketBOISE, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2020 / — SimplyLEDs (, a U.S. manufacturer of premier LED luminaires in Boise, ID, since 2005, has released their long-awaited next generation LED retrofit kit in their flagship custom ALD product line. Along with the updated custom retrofit kit that has been installed coast to coast for over a decade, SimplyLEDs has introduced their new universal retrofit kit option termed the SAM Kit, or Swing Arm Mount.

“Retrofit is the heartbeat of SimplyLEDs. We built this company on solving complex retrofit challenges where off-the-shelf products just wouldn’t work,” said Bob Deely, President and Co-founder of SimplyLEDs. “We’ve provided architectural retrofit solutions for dozens of municipalities like Napa, Sacramento, and San Juan Capistrano since 2005. Now, with ALD-R we’re enhancing our custom capability, adding four spec grade dispersion options and offering a universal solution. This powerful combination is what gives us a unique advantage in the LED retrofit kit market.”

“The custom ALD kit has proven itself in the field for well over ten years—and now it’s complemented with our SAM Kit for universal applications,” said Mike Van Kirk, Manufacturing Engineer at Simply LEDs and developer of the universal kit solution. “SAM eliminates upfront time and investment in measuring for the custom kit and allows for easy in-field adjustment, making installations that are scalable no matter the size of the project. Having spent years in the field as an installer, I know this type of scalability and simplicity is essential.”

“As an electrical engineering company with “Simply” in our name, it’s imperative we stay focused on ensuring that our integration and application of technology keeps us out in front of the competition while boasting simple installation. The release of the ALD-R product line for custom and universal applications does just that,” said Todd Hubbard, Vice President of Business Development at SimplyLEDs. “But it can’t end there, it has to be backed with a rock-solid warranty and top-notch customer service. For any manufacturer, getting beyond your offered warranty period is a milestone; with our 10-year warranty and now 15 years under our belt—and a < 0.0010 failure rate to show for it—that milestone is in the rearview mirror, the road ahead is wide open and we couldn’t be more excited!

“The available market for LED retrofit kits is still massive and that means our ALD-R and SAM solutions will continue to reduce energy consumption across the U.S. by up to 80% for years to come while keeping glass, steel, and aluminum out of our landfills. We’re part of something bigger than engineering and manufacturing lights, we’re striving toward zero-net energy solutions—it’s top of mind for all of us. Along the way, if we can continue to provide top tier products that solve our customer’s problems and keep thousands of pounds of waste out of our ground, we’ve all won.”

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