SimplyLEDs Selected to Re-light Mariner’s Point Golf Center on the San Francisco Bay

By: Todd Hubbard

FOSTER CITY, Calif. and BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SimplyLEDs ( ), a U.S. Manufacturer of premier LED luminaires in Boise, Idaho, has been selected by Karma Energy, Inc., to provide high-performance replacement lighting for Mariner’s Point Golf Center in Foster City. SimplyLEDs luminaires will replace metal halide lighting throughout the course, driving range, practice greens, and parking lot, reducing energy consumption over 70% while enhancing end-user experience. Installation slated to begin mid-November.

Karma Energy ( ), a socially-conscious energy development company based in Petaluma, CA, turned to SimplyLEDs for a solution worthy of this unique physical environment. “There are top-tier LED brands with quality products, but the nature of this project required the full support that came only from a handful of U.S. based teams with U.S. based manufacturing,” said David Benson, CEO of Karma Energy, Inc. “Lighting a golf course for nighttime play is not a request you see every day; there are unique challenges to work through, I needed the support of a manufacturer who could respond with unique solutions, not something off-the-shelf. SimplyLEDs was the best fit. Their RDW product performs in this coastal environment; even with the rare, errant golf ball struck into the nighttime sky. SimplyLEDs had the solution.”

SimplyLEDs CEO, Bob Deely, remarked, “Of the thousands of LED fixtures we’ve manufactured for Bay Area projects, this one stood out from the crowd. As a manufacturer, you’re always looking for innovative avenues to spotlight performance and flex your engineering muscles; relighting Mariner’s Point is that avenue.” He continued, “The bonus is working with professionals like David Benson who shares SimplyLEDs core values: he is solutions-oriented and customer-centric. He sells projects with comprehensive solutions that possess long-term value, and that matters to us. He calls it Karma Energy.”

“Whether we’re lighting Mariner’s Point or the top of the Chrysler Building, there is greater purpose beyond selling lights; LED lighting is an integral part of a multitude of zero-net energy solutions. U.S. Business Leaders should be focused on infrastructure efforts that create jobs and have short-term ROI for all parties; these solutions are defining 21st century energy and paving the best way forward for generations to come,” said Todd Hubbard, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SimplyLEDs.

“Working in concert with environmentally-conscious consultants, like those at Ecology Action and Karma Energy, Inc., is rewarding … they see the big picture, not just another sale. When you have a team that works together toward a common goal, it’s rewarding and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

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