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Change is a Good Thing

Especially when it's in the box.

We know 60 SKUs in 1 box sounds like a lot. It's actually more like 120. No more install nightmares, just sweet dreams of V-PRO by SimplyLEDs.

Wattage & CCT Selectability: It's in the box

Ten wattages and three color temperatures across two body sizes. Just dip the switch!

V-Pro2 Wattage Selectable Graphic


16.5"L x 11.25"W x 2.25"H


V-Pro CCT Selectable Graphic
V-Pro1 Wattage Selectable Graphic


21.25"L x 15"W x 3"H

360° Rotatable Lens: It's in the Box

Turn site audit gotchas into you betchas

Grey Banner Strip Faded
V-Pro Rotatable Lens Spec Sheet Graphic
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Perimeter Lighting: Problem Solved

Correct old school mounting beliefs with dispersion conversion

V-Pro_Isoline_Stationary T4
V-Pro_Isoline_Rotatable T4

Maximize distribution & Convenience

Remove complexity and change orders

Ideal for dealerships where T3 performs best but is often limited by existing mounting.

V-Pro_Stationary Lens Dealership_4
V-Pro_Rotated Lens Dealership_2

Join the Rotatory Club!

Universal Mount: It's in the Box

V-Pro UMount_180deg

180° Vertical Adjustment

V-Pro UMount_Slipfitter & SQ Pole

Slipfitter & Square Pole Mount

V-Pro UMount_Round Pole

Round Pole Adapter

V-Pro UMount

NEMA 7-Pin & Shorting Cap: It's In The Box

They say it's "future-proof," we just think it's practical

NEMA 7-Pin Connector
Shorting Cap_2-1

IN THE BOX jobsite flexibility

V-Pro Interchangeable Gear Icon

Designed to remove complexity and change orders