The Intelligent Occupancy Sensor

Integrated into the luminaire at the manufacturing level, OCCSensaBLE™ is an intelligent Bluetooth enabled wireless sensor for outdoor applications. It uses best-in-class performance passive infrared (PIR) technology and an ambient light sensor to provide an enhanced wide dynamic range and precision optical filtering to match human eye response.

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The Solution

Save Energy.

    Ensure Safety.

         Protect Assets.

SensaBLE_White_Front View_1_72 dpi

High-strength UV resistant nylon housing

Oversized thread body for easy installation

Dual security feature prevents hacking

Mobile app allows simple user customization

Bluetooth enabled control

Operates on 12VDC auxilary power

Fine tunable digital PIR sensor

Enhanced Fresnel lens options for 8 to 40 feet



Input Voltage: 12VDC nominal, 5VDC min, 15VDC max
Input Current: 30mA max current
Output: PWM dimming output 0 - 3.3 VDC, frequency 2kHz, 0 to 100% waveform


Operating Temperature: - 40C to 80C
Operating Humidity: 20 - 90%
Ip66 Compliant

PIR Lens

OCCSensaBLE - L: mounting height 10' to 15', detection range up to 25' radius
OCCSensaBLE - M: mounting height 15' to 32', detection range up to 35' radius
OCCSensaBLE - H: mounting height 28' to 40', detection range up to 50' radius


Control Parameters

Motion Control Sensitivity: low, medium, high
Max Output Hold Time: after motion, 1 minute to 4 hours
Min Output Hold Time: off to always on
Max Output: 30% to 100%
Min Output: 0% to 90%
Daylight Control: Dusk-to-Dawn, Part Night Lighting, or Motion Setpoint
Dusk Level: 0.45 footcandles to 51 footcandles
Dawn Offset Level: 0.45 footcandles to 23 footcandles
Part Night Lighting:
     Duration: 30 minutes to 12 hours
     Offset: - 4 hours to + 4 hours
Motion Setpoint: 9 footcandles to 186 footcandles



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